CSR (Corporate & Social Responsibility) Club

It’s a core responsibility of every institution/organization to work for the development of society. Since social responsibility is an ethical framework in which the CSR Club of the institution work for the benefit of the society. Corporate and Social responsibility club is a club which works towards helping the poor and needy people.

Free education camp, cloth distribution, food distribution, lifestyle learning, neat and cleanliness advantages, need fulfilment are some of activities are performed under this CSR Club. It’s all about the overall welfare of people belong to every level.


As there are many clubs in VITS under the Core Committee and “Dance Club” is one of them. The Dance Club make each and every event entertaining for everyone with their bang performances and their talent.

The dance club organizes a variety of dance activities, workshops, training programs for students from time to time to enhance the interest of the students.

Music CLUB

Music Club is one of club of core committee of VITS College Satna. The Music Club always makes all the events and programmes very entertaining with its melodious performances. And it fills all the events with melodious notes.

Music Club always provides the stage to find the hidden melodic talent among the students of the institution.The music club provides students with workshops, training programmes, college level musical competition

Creativity CLUB

Creativity Club or Decoration Club is always a main club of the Core Committee of VITS Satna. The Creativity club of the VITS makes all the events beautiful by their ideas & creativity. It’s is the main objective of this club to beautify the events with any kind of arts, crafts, plans, ideas and thoughts. This club gives the new flavour to the event with its ideas.

This club conducts many art & crafts workshops, trainings to those students who are interested in the field of art & craft and creativity.

Personality Development CLUB

Personality Development Club of Core Committee is the club that always been active for the development of student’s overall personality. The personality development club conduct so many activities which enhances the behaviour, character, cognitive, maturity, personality and socialization ability of the student.The main activities which comes under the personality development club are project management skills program, communication skills workshops, leadership and relationship building programmes, and creativity programmes etc.

The main objective of the personality development club is to organize the pattern of behaviours and attitudes that makes a person distinctive.